Our strategic process is customized to your individual circumstances and needs. From retirement planning and wealth transfer, to business growth and portfolio design, we build personalized strategies that help you enhance your wealth.


At Hightower Omaha, we believe communication is key to the development of successful financial plans. We take the time to learn about you, explore your aspirations and understand your concerns.


We help you formulate comprehensive financial plans, portfolios and asset allocation strategies designed to meet your current needs and give you the opportunity to reach your long terms financial goals.


After performing rigorous research on managers and investment vehicles, we will help you implement a balanced plan based upon broad diversification and your long term goals.


We provide on going investment monitoring and will regularly review your portfolio with you. We will also respond to any personal or market changes that may necessitate making plan or portfolio adjustments.

Private Wealth Services

We strive to understand each client’s individual financial situation, needs, goals and investing experience. We work with you and your family to help you carefully evaluate your most important needs, understand your risk tolerance and maintain your current lifestyles while keeping an eye on your long-term objectives. Our goal is to provide you with enhanced value and the confidence that your investments are working to help you reach your financial goals. Our services include:

Financial planning

We work with you to develop custom, goals-based financial planning strategies that focus on retirement, philanthropic and wealth transfer planning, as well as insurance needs.

Risk management

We work in tandem with our clients to review current insurance, identify gaps, and make recommendations to help mitigate the risk to your legacy and lifestyle.  Understanding the importance that long-term investing can have in helping to reduce market risk, we construct diversified portfolios that will help you navigate potential near term volatility and position you to succeed over time. 

Retirement planning

We help you develop retirement strategies with an emphasis on income distribution needs, long-term goals, tax management and charitable giving.

Investment strategy

We work with you to identify areas of investment opportunity, providing ongoing monitoring of investments and reallocation of assets, when and where appropriate.

Portfolio construction & management

We work with you to understand your liquidity, cash flow and long-term needs to create a diversified, tax-efficient portfolio focused on the long run.

Insurance planning – disability, life, long-term care and annuities

We help you discern and meet your insurance needs to protect your family and lifestyle, including insurance analysis and liability review.

Wealth transfer

We work with clients and their families to create wealth transfer strategies designed to preserve family values and educate the next generation on financial and investment best practices.

Philanthropic strategies

Our team helps you establish private foundations, charitable funds and trusts, as well as plans to maximize your giving.

Services for Business Owners & Corporations

As business owners, we understand the time, effort and sacrifice that you have contributed to building your business. Our goal is to help you enhance and protect your legacy.

The HighTower Omaha team works with business owners and corporations to develop custom investment strategies tailored to your business’s objectives, liquidity needs and tax considerations. Our services include:

Wealth management solutions for executives

We support the wealth management needs of C-level executives, including restricted stock, cash management, non-qualified deferred compensation and currency hedging.

Discretionary portfolio management

Our team oversees the day-to-day management and executional needs of investments and accounts, enabling clients to focus on running their businesses.

Risk management

Our team provides ongoing portfolio and investment monitoring to discern, assess and help mitigate risk. We can also work with you on the hedging and monetization of Concentrated Stock Positions.

Corporate retirement plans

We work with retirement plan sponsors to implement, review and monitor retirement plans. Additionally, we provide resources and education for participants, as well as plan benchmarking and record-keeping support for sponsors. 

Concentrated stock positions

Many executive compensation packages result in concentrated stock positions.  We help our clients evaluate tax efficient diversification strategies and/or risk management strategies including: donor advice funds, foundations, exchange funds, protective puts, collars, and covered calls.

Liquidity event preparation/succession strategies

We help clients assess viable event options, including buy-sell agreements and M&As, as well as enhance business valuation to help them maximize value and attain their desired liquidity goals.

10b5-1 and insider trade execution of options and restricted stock

We help executives comply with SEC rules and ownership guidelines, as well as determine their diversification needs for alignment with their long-term financial planning goals.


Where needed, we can help you borrow money or analyze your debt and determine strategies to leverage or refinance your liabilities to help you save money and support business growth.

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